Remote Work

Sometime in the next couple weeks I’ll be starting the first book discussion of 2018. I’ve been wanting to discuss this topic for a long time. I want to talk about the topic of remote work and address some of the stigma behind it, along with some tips and stories from my own experiences working remotely 100% for the last two years.

The companion book is Remote: Office Not Required from 37Signals founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried. I highly recommend picking it up and following along as each post will use parts from the book as their base for discussion.

Stay tuned for the first post.

From Mic: “… canceling all student debt would likely lead to an increase in U.S. GDP between $861 billion and $1,083 billion over the course of 10 years.

The Apple HomePod

It’s out and it sounds amazing.

I’d love to get some feedback from the community. I’m considering starting an aggregator of indie publishers, content creators, bloggers, etc; a search engine for just the indie web. Is this something you’ve wished existed or wished it existed in a better form than it does today?

Trying to set up a Gitlab instance tonight to toy with the idea of owning my own version control instead of using GitHub. It’s surprisingly memory hungry. 4GB is the minimum. That’s $20 a month right from the start for most hosting providers.

The opening of the IMSA season is today and before the Rolex 24, there’s the BMW Endurance Challenge, starting at 9:50am Pacific, 12:50PM Eastern on The Rolex 24 starts at 2PM Eastern on Saturday on FOX.

Going back through old blog posts, especially the ones from 2015. So much has been lost in formatting. Also considering adding a message mentioning they’re likely irrelevant–not everything I wrote in 2015 was evergreen.

When @Verizon said taxes and regs were hindering investment in infrastructure, they wanted you to believe them. Turns out, they lied: “‘Tax-reform…will have a positive impact to cash flow’ … [but] the tax savings ‘will…primarily…strengthen Verizon’s balance sheet.'”

From Ars Technica: a consortium of 28 fake ad agencies…displayed an est. 1 billion ad impressions last year that pushed malicious antivirus software, tech support scams, and other fraudulent schemes…the ads reached 62 percent of the Internet’s ad-monetized…websites.

I spent 3 hours last night farming in Farming Simulator ’17. It’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while and also the most relaxing. I can operate big machines without leaving my couch and I’m totally fine with that.

Free, crappy wifi is not like free, crappy coffee. You can’t say “I can’t do my job but hey, at least it’s getting the job done.”

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