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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a developer that cut his teeth supporting other developers in a vareity of environments.

I grew up here in the Puget Sound and currently reside here with my wife and soon to be daughter. We have two cats. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Western Governor’s University in 2018.

In the past I’ve been known to host a podcast, and run three side businesses to keep my mind fresh. One relates to coffee, another candles, and the third is a holding company for tracking earnings and revenue from my occasionally-updated e-commerce blog.

This is year six (2016-2022) of working 100% remote and I’ve been able to use that time to really hone my work space.

On the side, I also run Seaplane Coffee and Cascade Handcrafts.

Work History

Full-Stack Software Developer, LMTS
Heroku - 2/2024 to Present

Full-Stack Software Developer, SMTS
Heroku - 11/2021 to 1/2024

Principal Customer Solutions Architect
Heroku - 02/2019 to 12/2021

Lead Technical Support Engineer, Developer
Papertrail - 02/2016 to 02/2019

Senior Technical Support Lead
Zephyr - 04/2015 to 02/2016

Systems and Infrastructure Engineering and Deployment Lead
Microsoft - 02/2014 to 02/2015

Operations and Quality Engineer
Qumulo - 09/2013 to 01/2014

Systems and Operations Engineer
Microsoft - 04/2012 to 09/2013


Certified Heroku Architect July 2021
Salesforce Heroku

LPIC-1 July 2018
Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux

Linux+ June 2018
CompTIA Linux

User Interface Designer April 2018
Certification Partners (CIW) Web Design

Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist September 2017
Certification Partners (CIW) Web Design

Project+ January 2015
CompTIA Project Management

Security+ December 2014
CompTIA Computer Security

Network+ October 2014
CompTIA Network Management and Design

Microsoft Certified Professional July 2014
Microsoft Microsoft Ecosystem

A+ April 2014
CompTIA Computer Repair and Troubleshooting

Web Foundations Associate December 2013
Certification Partners (CIW) Web Design

Web Design Specialist September 2013
Certification Partners (CIW) Web Design


Johnathan.org is operated, maintained, and written by myself, Johnathan Lyman. I’ve maintained this blog to varying degrees since 2014 and have been on the web in about two dozen different formats since 2001-ish. Johnathan.org is my personal blog, first and foremost, where I write about topics that interest me. In particular, technology, some current events, videos, and other bits I discover are what you’re most likely to see here.

Since 2014, I’ve created almost over 400 posts. About 350 of them (as of mid-September 2018) have made it through the various transitions this site has seen, though through some culling of content, the current count is 156 posts. A few of them were so highly irrelevant or didn’t make sense. In hindsight, keeping them around seemed like the right thing to do, but I’ve opted to move forward.

Hosting, Toolchain, Standards

Johnathan.org is a statically generated site, built using Bridgetown. For more on the tools I use on regular basis, check out this page.

Everything should look fine on all modern mobile devices and browsers. Anything older like IE11 or from multiple years ago might have a bad time, and that’s on you. Update your stuff. If you’re using a current browser or mobile device and finding Johnathan.org difficult to navigate, let me know here.


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If you need or want to get in touch, find me on twitter @_johlym or send me an email: email at johnathan dot org.

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