Turning Pro

February 18th, 2015 • filed under Books

I picked up a new book yesterday morning by Steven Pressfield called Turning Pro. Actually, I downloaded it to my iPad with the Amazon Kindle app (does anyone actually “pick up” books anymore?). I’m quite intrigued so far with what the author has to say. He sounds like he’s seen some stuff and went through a lot of trials in life before finding the path that leads to success and meaningful contribution to life. There’s no magic key, no one-step process to instant awesomeness. It takes work. As I keep reading, I’ll share some thoughts that I have. So far, I’m impressed with seeing from where Pressfield has come and how much effort he put into turning himself around and doing more than the menial. He was even a truck driver at one point. And he lived in a cabin in the woods. That’s pretty interesting.