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Re-Invent High School

Going to keep this one simple: I wish High School had prepared me for real life. High School never taught me:

  • Real money management
  • Taxes
  • Real job search skills
  • Computer engineering
  • Neutral views on social issues

You know what I did learn? A lot about the past. It seemed like every class taught me stuff that people discovered a long time ago, but not how it was relevant to the present day. Homer wrote some books and some mathematical equations were discovered quite some time ago, but how can I apply this to real life, the life that’s in the present?

When I find out, I’ll tell you, because high school didn’t.

XQ, The Super School Project aims to reinvent the high school and make it something that can acutally teach kids what’s relevant for today’s world. We’re not just talking about stuff like how to program. Learning [subject] is important, but not in the context of memorization and anecdotal fact memorization (the current method); [subject] is important in the context of how it can be applied today, right now. What about Greek Mythology can I use right now, to do something or make an advancement in my career or society?

Also a good question.

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