On Never Quitting

October 14th, 2015 • filed under Writing

There seems to be a trend that occurs every few months with me when it comes to my writing. I find myself, and I lose myself, and I repeat. I battle with staying consistent every day and writing something, even if it’s not that interesting. When I first started blogging on a regular basis, I did it in the morning before work as a way to get my mind right and get focused for the day.

Now, I don’t feel like I need to do that before I go to work (my job is much more satisfying) so the time I’ve set aside to write has pretty much drifted off into space. I never came up with an alternate solution to fix this problem.

A friend of mine, maker of Desk (the minimal blogging and publishing app collection), and habitual blogger, John Saddington recently reflected on sticking with something and “showing up every day” and it really gave me the boost I need to jump start my creative juices, again.

It’s so easy for me to blame the lack of creativity when it comes to missing a day, and there were a lot of those. When I first started this blog right after New Years 2015, I was showing up and writing several thousand words a week. Within the first twelve weeks, I put down almost 60,000 words on digital blogging paper and I enjoyed it. I cranked out thoguhts and musings every weekday morning from 5-6AM and didn’t feel like I didn’t have enough time. I just sat down and wrote.

When someone who’s likely written over ten thousand blog posts (9500+ of which are on his current blog) says something like this:

continuing to move forward, personally, professionally, whatever it may be, is the most important thing that you can be doing. Creating momentum and being as confident as you can be in those few steps is life-giving, life-changing.

I pay attention. This is advice I can use not only in my side worlds, but in my personal and professional worlds, too.

So much has happened in the last couple years. I can’t wait to see what the next couple years have in store. The number of potential opportunties around me will grow and my time to jump will happen soon… I just have to continue working to reach my greatest level of awesome.