Harry's: Get a Good Shave Without Nicking Your Wallet

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To follow up my quick review of NatureBox yesterday, I received a second awesome package in the mail on Saturday. I recently ordered a new shave kit from a great company I hadn’t heard of until just recently called Harry’s. Harry’s does things a bit differently. Their claim to fame is they make all their own blades and firmly believe that charging a boat load of cash for a single replacement razor blade is dumb. Here’s what I thought of the kit when I first received it.

I ordered the basic Truman set in dark blue. Other colors include orange,white, and green. With the kit, I received two extra blades, a blade protector, and shave cream (the image above shows gel, which is also an option). Everything I need to get started. Since I already have after-shave that I really like, I opted out of ordering some, for now.

When the box arrived, it showed up in the mail. I could have ordered faster shipping but I think with enough foresight and planning, one could save money and still have their kit or replacement equipment show up on time. (more on their subscription option later).

I opened the box and the first thing I did was pull out the razor. With a blade pre-attached, I essentially had three blades at my disposal. The handle has some heft to it and I really like that. It’s curved and feels good in my hand.

The shaving cream I opted for smells great and while the tube isn’t very large, it’s enough to get started. I don’t have to continue using their cream or gel if I don’t want, but who knows, I might go for it with their subscription options.

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If you’re a regular shaver, be it daily, every other day, or weekly, they have an option that’ll suit your needs. To prevent you from running out of razors, shaving cream, and after-shave, Harry’s will send you everything you need in the right intervals, automatically. Based on how often you shave, they’ll ship you two creams and eight blades every two, three, or five months for $31.00, or you can sign up for your own interval and include gel and aftershave at the interval you choose. Where else do you know that you can get eight high-quality blade cartridges for less $1.88 each and get shave cream or gel for $8 each? Good question.

Go sign up now with Harry’s and get equipment for a great shave for a great price.