Girl Code

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I came across this site and program yesterday, a coding camp for girls. While I’m not a girl, I feel like I can still appreciate the idea of such a thing. If I had daughters, I’d want them to give this a shot. As much as we don’t want to admit it, girls aren’t all about ponies and princesses. It’s about creating better ponies and princesses through agile development practices. LOL.

Ok, now that I’ve made a joke about an actual program that does good work, App Camp for Girls is something I could get behind. We don’t have enough girls and women in STEM fields in the educational world nor in the professional world. Personally, I want to see more women as software developers.

Of course this would imply that the frat house environment that a lot of startups end up having because they’re 90% dude would have to end. You might be a startup, but you need to grow up. Don’t tell me that’s just how startups are… that’s deflection.

I don’t doubt there’s still an issue surrounding the equality of men and women in society. Look at gamer gate: a bunch of probably gross nerds sitting in their parent’s basements railing on women because they’re women and misogyny runs rampant in their lonely lives.

I’m excited to see where App Camp for Girls expands to. They’re already rocking the North West with events in Vancouver, BC, Seattle WA, Portland, OR, and even Central NJ (which is definitely not in the NW).