Dad Notes

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This is a collection of notes I’ve taken since our first child was born. While always incomplete, it’s helpful for me to look back at as she ages and hopefully someone else finds these bits helpful, too.


  • There is no such thing as too many diapers.
  • There is no such thing as enough diapers.
  • (US) Get a Costco membership. Their diaper prices are hyper-competitive.
  • Figure out a shift schedule for sleeping as early as possible.
  • If you have leave options, don't feel bad for taking as much as you can.
  • Frustration is normal; this is new and routines were upended suddenly.
  • Find ways to be helpful wherever possible; the baby's mother is under a lot of stress of her own right now.
  • The stress means you're human.
  • You're doing the best you can.
  • Take more leave than you think you'll need. That N weeks will sneak up on you fast and you'll wish you took more.
  • Find people to share your stories with.


Vaguely tracking a few things.

Diapers Consumed

  • Size newborn: 265
  • Size one: 450
  • Size two: 520+
  • Size three: 192+