Conquering the Dev Career

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If you asked me how I felt about this topic a few years ago, I would have told you it’s dumb. If you asked me how I felt about becoming a software developer, I would have told you I’d never do it, it’s not something I find interesting. If you told me that we could fast forward three years and my tone would be different, I would have laughed in your face.

Well, here we are, three years later. I’m slowly starting to entertain development-related career paths. It’s an uphill battle, for sure, and it’ll take quite a bit of time to work out, but I see a future ahead of me that I didn’t see before. One thing that’s different about now is where I live. Here in Silicon Valley, software is everything. No one gives two shits about hardware because it’s become so heavily commoditized. The homeless guy pushing his shopping cart down the street right now probably has a DigitalOcean account and is stealthily building his startup.

At no point am I saying “me too” when it comes to making an app or building a thing. I do, however, like building things, and software helps me do that. I can still draw upon my roots in this new space but it’s important for me to be open and ready to experience.

The next year is going to be interesting.