Apple World.Today

February 10th, 2015 • filed under Apple

From out of the Ashes of The Unofficial Apple Weblog comes Apple World.Today and it looks to be great.

I’m glad to see some of the former editors firing up another site and continuing the never ending task of brining us great Apple news. Steve Sande, Dave Caolo, and Kelly Hodgkins are  steering the new ship and hope to bring us some great content.

Our goal with Apple World Today is to pick up where TUAW left off as a source of news and reviews. But we want to take the site to you, the readers, by offering discussion forums (are we crazy to do this?), podcasts, and more video content. Wherever possible, we want to get our audience engaged by joining with us in online and live on-the-air discussions.


AWT is a relative baby in the world of blogging about that company from Cupertino, and as such you can expect us to poop ourselves on a regular basis as we get used to our new home.

I hope the rough analogies to new, non-house-trained pets don’t continue, though. ?