Another New Book

February 19th, 2015 • filed under Books

I picked up The Martian by way of a recommendation a friend gave me. I’ve seen it on the shelf for a minute now and I’m pretty excited to start listening to it. Most books I don’t read (a recent purchase being an exception) but instead listen to via Audible. If you’re not an Audible user, give them a shot. Like everything else I recommend, I am an Audible user and greatly enjoy their service. If you want a listen along with me, click here to sign up for a free trial and get a two free books to keep, even if you hate the service. I’ll be updating occasionally, like a digital book club of sorts, as I progress through the book. I’m excited!

Update: Turns out my info was a bit off. Instead of a free audiobook, you get two free audiobooks. Oops!