Always Find Time

February 23rd, 2015 • filed under Writing

I found this Medium post this evening about finding time to write, every day, no matter what:

I wanted to tell him to stop being an amateur and just nut up and write every single day, even when he didn’t feel like it, especially when he didn’t feel like it. I wanted to tell him that inspiration is a joke and is about as meaningful as a bartender’s smile. But I didn’t tell him that, mostly because I’m a coward.

It doesn’t take rocket science or hours of planning to come up with something to talk about. People say they don’t have anything good to say… wait what? Everyone has good things to say otherwise they wouldn’t ever talk. Instead of rambling that out loud where people won’t likely ever remember it, put it on paper, or put it online in a blog on WordPress, Tumblr, SquareSpace, Blogger, Wix, Ghost, Subtle, Silvrback or Medium. There’s countless resources for writing and great places to discuss your new flow of creative juices. Find an app on the iTunes, Android or Windows App Stores and note down your thoughts or write out a whole piece to publish later. Find something or someone interesting on the street and write about it.

The next time you go into town (or your largest urban center), travel in a circle around a block for five minutes, stop, look behind you and that’s your next topic. Seriously. There’s so much to talk about and so much to say. We’ve sucked ourselves into a b—h life of social media and not communicating our thoughts and feelings anymore.

When you’re done, read a book. No… read three. Hell… read five. Listening counts, too, so long as you do nothing but listen and imagine yourself with the character(s) in the story. Find a genre of book you wouldn’t normally read or listen to and try it out. What stood out to you about that book and that genre? There’s another topic.

I came up with that stuff in the amount of time it took me to type it. I didn’t rehearse it. Hell, I didn’t rehearse or plan any of this. I literally just wrote it.

Don’t be a pansy. Sit down and write something.