After 40 Days of Writing

February 16th, 2015 • filed under Writing

It’s been roughly 40 days since I started writing on a continual basis. Some days have been more productive than others. There are days when all I manage to come up with are posts about other things going on in the world. I have enjoyed being able to just sit down and discuss what’s on my mind. When I sit down and talk about something that’s on my mind I end up writing a boat load of words. These two posts are good examples. The first covered project management buzzwords and the second covers a god-awful movie.

There is one thing I do more now than I ever did before. I think about what I want to talk about tomorrow. When something appears in my head I determine if it is good fodder for my blog. I don’t have a real direction for my blog just yet. This will change with time. For now I focus on writing and discussing topics I find important. I know someone out there will find them to be interesting. Perhaps they’ll share what they read with their friends. I won’t ever know if they don’t like them because I don’t use post comments. I decided comments were useless. They don’t contribute to my blogging experience in the least bit.

One more cool thing has happened. I didn’t use a comma in this whole post.