Johnathan Lyman

Johnathan Lyman

Johnathan Lyman
My name is Johnathan Lyman and I am an engineer at Papertrail, a huge Apple nerd and semi-regular blogger. I enjoy bubble tea way too much and find Farming Simulator relaxing. Find out more.


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If you’re here, you’re at least mildly interested in the words on this page. That’s really neat.

I started this blog in January 2015 as a way to put my never ending stream of consciousness onto digital paper and give me an opportunity to work through ideas I have in my head.

By no means am I anyone special. Just a guy hanging out in the pacific northwest that likes coffee, Netflix, and wine.

(Am I writing my dating profile, right now?)

On occasion code manifests from my fingers. I’m largely a rubyist though I fancy some quality front-end action from time to time.

I’m also terrible at Rocket League and Call of Duty though I still enjoy playing both.

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Getting in Touch

Emails are great: email [at] johnathan dot org. You can also find me on Twitter. A third option is filling out the form below.

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Johnathan Lyman
Kenmore, WA,
United States
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