Johnathan Lyman

My name is Johnathan Lyman. I'm an engineer at Papertrail, a huge Apple nerd and semi-regular blogger. I enjoy bubble tea way too much and find Farming Simulator relaxing.

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2014 – 2018 Johnathan Lyman. All 339 posts and 12 pages were made with and in Seattle.

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Johnathan Lyman

My name’s Johnathan and I’m an Engineer, blogger, and this is my digital home. I started this blog in late 2014 as a place to dump my thoughts and it’s transformed a handful of times over the years. I’ve put down more than 100,000 words into this blog in that time (enough for a handful of books) and have no plans on stopping. Professionally I’ve done tech support, systems engineering, desktop support, coding and a variety of other tasks. Day-to-day involves engineering, support, and gifs at Papertrail. I dabbled in the PHPs for a time but my heart will always be with Ruby.

For any inquiries, emails are great: email [at] johnathan dot org. You can also find me on Twitter.

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Johnathan Lyman
Kenmore, WA,
United States
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