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A Simple Coffee Shop Musing

There’s something to be said about sitting in a coffee shop with nothing in particular going on. It wasn’t one of those days but the coffee shop and sitting parts were true.

I think what I miss about little places like these are that after being so used to the grab-and-go nature of chains like Starbucks, we lose out on the opportunity to sit down and just take a moment.

When was the last time you sat down with a cup of coffee and did nothing but enjoy said coffee? I’ll admit I’m not even doing that right now. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, enjoying my afternoon away from the regularity of suburbia, and I’m sitting on my phone. Granted I wrote this yesterday in the coffee shop, for the purpose of scribing my thoughts about this.

Not a lot came to mind, but one thing I did realize is how much I miss not just getting out and mixing up the regularity of life even just a bit, but doing so slightly outside my geographical area of expertise.

I’ve never been here, and I might not be here again for some time.  Such is life. But for the couple hours I’m here, it’ll be a couple hours I’ll always remember.

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