A First

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I was looking over all the writing I did for the month of January and I can safely say that not only have I kept one of my New Year’s Resolutions so far, but I blew away my person goal I set for myself. I made a pact with inner me that I would write at least a few times a week and have them be something substantial. According to my count, I posted something 39 times in January and have over 20,000 words to show for it. By that count, with only spending roughly an hour a day writing, I could have a complete book written in a month if I wrote all day. Granted, I don’t have the attention span to do something like that but it makes me feel good to know that I’ve been able to not only meet a goal but to exceed it by a wide margin. I told myself a couple weeks ago that I would write more in February. In reality, the goals has essentially become “write the same amount as you’re currently doing in February.” Writing is something I enjoy quite a bit and have no intent on stopping.