Where’d the Wine Go?

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The most astute in the crowd will have noticed Weekly Wine hasn’t been updated since issue five. I have a semi-decent reason for that and a peak at what I’m working on in its place.

When I started Weekly Wine, I didn’t quite have the right idea for how much work it was going to require. Picking wine isn’t in and of itself hard. Picking good wine can be a bit daunting. Unless you’re already a seasoned wine vet, chances are your list of goto bottles isn’t super long.

Mine surely wasn’t. Through this excersize though, I’ve discovered a lot of great bottles and rekindled some love for existing ones.

Here’s what I have planned for v2 of Weekly Wine.

It’ll be moving to a more traditional blog format which features an email subscription component. The blog will serve as an archive for past recommendations. The goal with Weekly Wine isn’t to necessarily have a new bottle to share with readers every week, but have enough bottles to pick from so readers have something fun to try each week.

I found myself a couple times getting the weekly wine recs in just under the deadline and that wasn’t great pressure. I don’t cope well with that kind of self-imposed pressure so I tend to punt stuff like that. This is why one issue dropped on a Friday.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that maintaining a weekly scheduled thing takes a lot more work than it sounds, and I don’t envy those who do daily mailers.

I’m hoping to get this new incarnation of Weekly Wine up sometime in April. In the meantime, the original five issues will remain at weekly.wine.

Until next time!

“Wine at Saltus” by Ken Hawkins is licensed under CC BY 2.0