Where I Get My Stock Photos

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One would think that because I’m a photographer in some capacity that I would take all of my own photos. Let me tell you, that’s certainly not the case. One cannot craft a particular scene in a heartbeat with just enough time to post it to a blog. Good luck with that.

Instead, I use a lot of creative-commons based stock photography. I thought I’d put together a list of sites I source my imagery from in hopes that it helps you in your journey to finding great images for your site.

I have several primary sources I rotate through, depending on what time of the week it is. Most of these sites only update once a week or month with a new “pack” of images.

Death to the Stock Photo

DTTSP has two models for delivering photos: free and premium. The free model allows you to receive photos in your email every month in a pack of about ten. They’re high quality images, large enough to print, even, if you so desired. With their premium model, you can get access to their whole archive, not just most recent images for $10 a month. I can’t say that about any big stock photo agency.


A side project by the visual design agency Crew, you’re granted ten new photos every ten days to do whatever you want with. You can view their past images by scrolling and all are was to download right from the site, no membership or sign-up forms required. The images and their themes vary from week to week so don’t hesitate to scroll down a ways and get into past months’ photos.


I love this site because they have categories. A lot of them feel a bit hipster in style but that’s all the rage now from what the kids tell me. Most if not all of their images are hosted on flicker so they’re easy to download. All they ask is a bit of attribution.

Little Visuals

While not as active anymore as some of the others, their archive is good. They’re not my first choice anymore since they don’t seem to be updating the site with new images, but their archives have a gem once in a while.

New Old Stock

A great place for older images from the 1920s-1950s, and surrounding time periods. It’s amazing to look at some of these images as they’re genuinely pieces of history.