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What Does a Nuclear Bomb Feel Like?

Motherboard dropped a video a couple days ago that’s absolutely worth watching:

They spoke with a few military veterans that served in the 50s and 60s, working on (“participating in” is probably more accurate) nuclear bomb tests. These men went into these testing programs without knowing much of anything. What they did know? “Don’t look at the flash.”

Several of the men explained very specifically how, even with your closed eyes, you could see your bones and others as well. The heat was like fire.

Over a 10 year test period, there were 22,500 test personnel. Over 18,000 of them died of cancer-related diagnoses. Men became sterile. Children developed disorders and deformities.

Worst of all? They couldn’t talk about any of this until the late 1990s. Punishment if they did? Treason charges and prison.

Damn terrifying, really.

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