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Waymo Cars Have a Hard Time Making Left Turns

The Information reports (paywall) by way of Jalopnik (no paywall) that Waymo cars are having a hard time with even the basic tasks:

The Waymo vans have trouble with many unprotected left turns and with merging into heavy traffic in the Phoenix area, especially on highways. Sometimes, the vans don’t understand basic road features, such as metered red and green lights that regulate the pace of cars merging onto freeways.

So that’s comforting. Granted, unprotected lefts come with higher risk compared to most maneuvers.

(note: for those that don’t know, in the United States, we refer to an “unprotected left” as a left turn across an intersection where there is no arrow granting right-of-way. For those that drive on the left, consider this an “unprotected right” without a green right arrow.)

In all seriousness, when looking at this post and the last one, I have a hard time imagining a world where autonomous cars ever become a thing. I can see an array of self-driving aids being the norm and even encouraged, but if there’s going to be a driverless car roaming the streets, it won’t be in my lifetime.

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