Time to Stop Hounding McDonalds

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It’s not going to change anything. I follow McDonalds on Facebook. A lot of people do. I do it because I like McDonalds. I eat it more than I should but that’s a different story altogether. I find it fascinating that people troll McDonald’s Facebook page almost without reprieve.

Take a look at the below series of “questions” asked by commenters of a post McDonalds made about their eggs:

Consume those mind-numbing questions and let’s discuss.

#1 Pink Slime

This comes up every time. There’s a turd bucket out there who insists they’re right no matter what and asks the company yet again if they use Pink Slime in their meat. Let’s not forget this whole thing was discussed recently in great detail, already.

#2 Sauce on Bagel

If you know how to look up ingredients for anything, you could probably figure this one out on your own which is a great transition into the third comment. I’ll admit not everyone thinks about that, but it’s 2015 and clearly they have Internet access. I’m not one to give the benefit of the doubt if it’s not warranted.

#3 French Fry Ingredients

Someone’s never made french fries in stupid large volumes before. Someone’s never made french fries on their own before, period, I’m guessing. It requires a few extra ingredients to execute such tasks on the scale McDonalds needs. This was something they discussed in great detail already, too. Someone wasn’t present for that, it seems.

#4 Egg McMuffin

Someone goes to a crappy restaurant. Probably a good idea to change? Product support on a company’s Facebook page is the best kind there is, though.

#5 Egg Beaters

Someone didn’t read. Moving on.

#6 More Egg Beaters

One likely disgruntled employee is obviously right. Reading must really not be a thing, anymore.

It pretty clearly sounds like I’m a McDonalds supporter. And to an extent, I might be, as much as I enjoy eating their food. I’m also a supporter of not being stupid. Clearly trolling is the best tactic to making sure a company fails. I won’t ever say McDonalds is even remotely good for you, but things really have to be done a certain way in order to be made and run on the scale that McDonalds operates.

People will disagree with me, and that’s fine. I don’t care. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.