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This One’s For the Guys

Gentlemen, let’s chat.

What’s important to you? Do you think you could name a few things that are both a) not generic like food or phone and b) worth talking about to a total stranger?

Have a hobby or two. No, that’s not good enough. Don’t just have a hobby or two, be passionate about it. If someone (maybe a lady?) asks you what you enjoy doing, you’re destined to fail if you tell them watching TV. Sure, I’ll bet they probably like watching TV too (unless they don’t), but that’s not what they’re looking for, and that’s not the bar you should set for yourself.

It can anything. I have my own wine club of one. I love telling folks about it because it’s something I’m passionate about and hell, I love wine. I could say I like wine, but that’s bland. Be like the wine. Be unique. Give her a reason to remember you.

Your pick up lines aren’t going to save you.

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