The Sad, Lonely World of Yik Yak

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So I downloaded what some are calling the winner of the Secret-Whisper-YikYak battle for anonymous sharing. YikYak works like Whisper and Secret, except there’s one thing very different about it, at least from what I can tell.

After spending just ten minutes on the app, a trend started appearing. Actually, several trends. If you struggle with any of the following:

  • Boys
  • Periods
  • Love
  • ADHD Drugs
  • General Sadness
  • High School
  • Drinking
  • High School Drinking
  • General High School Sadness
  • Awkward First-Time Sex
  • Awkward Butt Stuff

Then Yik Yak is for you. Ask your doctor about high-strength Yik Yak that involes constantly commenting on stranger’s life struggles with your own quips that likely have a nominal effect.

One thing I noticed with Secret is that people seemed to as least be older than 15. I never tried Whisper so who knows what whack stuff went on there.

So when it comes to YikYak…

Enjoy. I think…