The Mac Mini: A Versatile Hub Forgotten By Its Maker

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As we start this story–or is it a technical post–we’re already facing the grim realities of the situation. Apple has updated most of its computer-based product line fairly regularly.

It’s an unfortunate state of things, though. I’ve always found the Mac Mini to be sitting in a great spot that not many other manufacturers have cared to address: a small, powerful, near-silent workhorse that can sit just about anywhere and fill an anasuming role.

That statement used to be blanketly approved of by those in exist in any kind of Apple circle. Nowadays, the Mini is only talked about in passing.

I’ve heard stories about folks who use their Mac Minis for tasks that can be relegated to closets: Time Machine backups, Plex, etc. What once was a staple on the desks of those who couldn’t or didn’t want to buy a Mac Pro now sits in a home equivalent of the basement with its red stapler…

Sometimes, not even that.