The cars have eyes

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Coming our way from Jalopnik, Jaguar’s new self-driving car thing literally has eyes on it:

Jaguar Land Rover has fitted ‘virtual eyes’ to intelligent pods to understand how humans will trust self-driving vehicles, as research studies suggest that as many as 63% of pedestrians worry about how safe it will be to cross the road in the future.
The friendly-faced ‘eye pods’ have a vital job: helping work out how much information future self-driving cars should share with users or pedestrians to ensure that people trust the technology.
As part of the engineering project, Jaguar Land Rover has enlisted the help of a team of cognitive psychologists to better understand how vehicle behaviour affects human confidence in new technology. The trust trials form part of Jaguar Land Rover’s government-supported UK Autodrive project.

Because you know, the one thing that people need to feel comfortable around autonomous cars are giant versions of those beady eyes people stick on their half-based craft project ideas. The article even has pictures. Stop what you’re doing and go look at them.