The Apple Class-Action Lawsuit

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It was only a matter of time before someone wielded a class-action lawsuit and charged after Apple:

The suit alleges repeatedly that Apple “promoted and sold laptops it knew were defective in that they contain a keyboard that is substantially certain to fail prematurely,” and that selling these computers not only directly to its customers but also to third party retailers constitutes a violation of good faith. The plaintiffs are seeking damages and legal fees, and demand that Apple admit to the design flaw and cover all costs for remedying or replacing the defective computers. The full class action complaint is embedded below.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

Seriously, though, on the surface, it’s hard to argue that Apple didn’t know the keyboards were a problem. They first made an appearance on the 12” MacBook, the ultra-thin one-port metal slab, a few years ago. After making their way to the MacBook Pro 13” and 15”, some tweaks were made to key travel but largely stayed the same.

The best outcome I see here is a settlement for a small handful of dollars per person. A recall won’t fix the problem unless Apple has an entirely new keyboard they can slot into place. If that’s the case, one could reasonably wonder why Apple didn’t come out and say they have a fix (that new keyboard)?

Beyond all this, though, I won’t be surprised if the whole debacle ends up being a side-note at WWDC. Apple wouldn’t admit they screwed up on a public stage like that. Jony Ive wouldn’t let that happen.

You can read the entire lawsuit here.