The 2017 Book Club

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Getting ready for the New Year looks like a couple different things in my world:

  1. What am I doing now that I should stop doing?
  2. What am I not doing now that I should start doing?

I think I have an idea for #2.

For the latter, a big deal for me is reading more. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about setting goals for yourself rather than having resolutions, a goal I’ve created is to read a book every two weeks. That sounds pretty easy for most and depending on what you enjoy doing with your day, it might be. For me, my attention is in a lot of different places, on purpose.

I find myself much more satisfied with life in general, if I’m dabbling in a bunch of different thing at once, rather than going whole hog on just one idea.

Hence the two-week window, versus one.

To hold myself accountable, I want to start a book club of sorts. If you’re just discovering this blog and this post well after the fact, don’t worry. You don’t have to follow along in real time. All the discussion is asynchronous, mostly with me reflecting and discussing what I’ve read in blog post form. I’ll have them marked with 2017 Book Club as a tag, so they’re easy to sort through and read.

Here’s the idea: every Monday I post about what I’ve read in the calendar week prior (Monday-Sunday). I’m kind of already cheating and have started a book for 2017 that I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I’ll share that with the group on January 1st, as it’s Monday, and that’ll start off our 2017 Book Club.

The kinds of books I expect to have are mostly non-fiction, learn-something-from-this type books. This doesn’t mean exclusively self-help books, either, though I might sprinkle some of that in the mix, too.

A lot of knowledge is floating around out there and has yet to be consumed by many of us. Let’s change that.

I’ll see you January 1st!