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Linode vs Digital Ocean: A Three-Round VPS Benchmark Showdown

A few days ago, Digital Ocean announced new pricing tiers for their VPSes (affectionately called Droplets). I’ve been a fan of Digital Ocean’s offerings for a long time. Compared to other popular VPS provider Linode, there seemed like there was only one choice as Digital Ocean’s pricing ran 2x for almost everything.

Now that they’re the same price, I think it’s about time they faceoff in a set of sysbench benchmark tests.


Comparing Performance of Multiple Apple Devices Before and After Spectre Security Update

I spent some time this evening putting together some fun tables and graphs after seeing a post by Melvin Mughal on his blog that the iOS 11.2.2 update slows down devices by something like 40%. I didn’t believe it, so I fired up all the iDevices I own and benchmarked them before and after the Spectre-fixing update.


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