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So Far

I’m sitting here, looking at my computer screen, and am mesmerized by the desktop background. I feel like I need to be there, instead. Then I wonder… why aren’t I? The trip is only a few hours from the Bay Area to Yosemite and El Capitan, the land structure off of which the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS X is based.

I haven’t gone on enough adventures this year. This last year so far has been crazy. Moving from one end of the left coast to the other took a latent toll on everything. Adjusting has taken some time. I know I used to write a lot more than I do now. I used to have a routine. Now, things just kind of happen.

It’s only October, though. I still have almost three months left in this year to do something and there is always next year, too. New Year’s Resolutions are for chumps, though. If I make any plans, I’m just going to do them. I don’t need some special ritual to convince me I need to do X.

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