January 06, 2017

Weekly Wine: Issue 004: The whiteout edition

As I was deciding what to pick out this week, I realized I've been quite partial to the reds. Sure, last week we featured a white resiling from Chateau Ste. Michelle, a classic is everyone's book. Beyond that, it's been dark red all the way. That's why this week's two picks are both whites and are the epitome of what Weekly Wine is about: affordable and tasty. 

В Cоветской России, вино пьет вас. (In Soviet Russia, wine drinks you.)

Our first pick is the 2014 Courtney Benham Pinot Gris from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, California. Don't let the location fool you, though. There's nothing Russian about this bottle. It is light and subtly citrus-y, common for the category. Given its nature, if you turn your wine snob dial up just enough, you might say it has a slight spritz feel to it though in reality, it's just peppy like the Starbucks barista at 5am. Grab this bottle for about $15.

What has three arms and makes funny noises?

Pick number two comes from Richland, WA. For the geographically inclined, yes, that's close-ish to a former nuclear production site. Don't let that deter you because This Riesling from Tagaris Winery will help you forget all about it. It's a typical riesling in its sweet nature and very smooth. Just like that girl you know: starts off sweet, but too much can lead to problems. I digress. You'll appreciate this white wine until then end, I'm sure of it. This bottle can be yours for about $13.

Keep sending in suggestions. I love them. Thanks for giving me even more of an excuse to spend money on wine :D. 

Until next time,

Weekly Wine