Sponsoring The Minimalist is the way to go for getting your products and services featured. Each week up to three slots are available for the taking and can be had on a recurring basis.

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Jun 9th 2017



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Issues which are shown as Provisionally Booked have been reserved but the booking is not final. If you are interested in one of these weeks or you would like to reserve a date that is not listed here, then please get in touch.

Payment via PayPal only. Payment is due ASAP and no credit terms are allowed--in other words, no money, no placement. If you're interested in sponsoring multiple issues, please include that in your request. These multi-week sponsorships are better for services as readers like seeing fresh links each week. With that said, if you have multiple products you're interested in advertising, we can arrange one per week.

By submitting a request for sponsorship, you agree that all sales are final and that because advertising performance may vary, there's no guarantee of results.