Reddit Moderators are Regularly Verbally Abused, Receive Death Threats

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Among other things:

“I’ve had a few death threats,” said Emily, who asked to be referred to by her first name and her Reddit username, lolihull, to prevent the online harassment from spilling over into her real life. “And when people find out you’re a woman, you get rape threats.”
But others are profoundly disturbing and more creative. In one rambling attack, a Redditor told Emily, “I want you to get cancer because I wanna see your own body killing you…”

That paragraph goes on into some really dark shit. Reddit is poison and really should not exist at all. Those that have power within the community it seems:

“Reddit has gone far out of its way to be as little involved with moderation as possible,” said Velo. “Most people don’t even try to send [abusive] users to the admins anymore, because it seems like they never respond and if they do it’s so vague and unsatisfactory.”

I peruse the r/Funny sub-reddit from time to time–I enjoy the memes–so I won’t stand up on my soap box and chastise, but reading this really makes me re-evaluate if Reddit is actually worth my time at all.

After this article came out, Reddit responded, though the statement is bland and generic; “continuing to evolve” means nothing.

(source: Engadget)