Please Welcome Dr. Jekyll

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Update May 12, 2018: See this post for the latest status on this.

It’s taken a while for me to mentally get to this point but today I finally crossed the threshold and converted my blog into one generated by Jekyll. Essentially, every time I post or make a change, the blog is rebuilt into static files making the load on my server super light as well as saving disk space. On top of it all, I really wanted to tinker with the idea.

There were a few reasons why I finally bit the bullet and I wanted to share them in hopes that one day someone will stumble across this post and finally take the plunge like I did.

  1. WordPress is getting kinda fat. I’ve seen fatter CMSes (anyone remember PostNuke– the year 2002 was fun.) As someone who’s getting more and more into software development and tinkering with code in general, WordPress is a beast I don’t want to tackle, to be honest.
  2. I really only need a couple features. And one of those is a blog. It’s pretty easy to do that with just about anything and with the level of potential complexity

that WordPress can introduce.

  1. Comments, psh.. I can’t think of a time when I really wanted to have comments on blog posts. I only did it on WordPress because I honestly felt like I should. Now that I’m in complete control and this blog serves more of a purpose of me saying things and people consuming that information, comments sections aren’t really necessary. If you want to comment on something, send me an email.
  2. I feel more developer-y. I don’t know if not using WordPress is a requirement for this one but it just feels right. I really enjoyed the setup process and learned a lot about the whole thing. Granted I have a bit of experience with Ruby, already, which really helped in troubleshooting.

So with all that being said, here it is. Every time I update, I push the new files to both a GitHub repo and my server at the same time so I have redundancy and it’s an easy way to show off what i’m doing to make this site interesting using a popular static site generator.

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be sure to share any unique experiences I had and what I learned from them so stay tuned!