January 7, 2018

On Developing a WordPress Theme

A few weeks ago I started the process of moving this blog over to WordPress from Ghost—and I talked about why I did that in a previous post—so now that I’ve made the change, the next natural step felt like talking about how I developed a theme for the first time.

Yep, I’ve never done this before, and it turned out pretty well… I think.


January 4, 2018

From Ghost to WordPress

I did what I never thought I’d end up doing. Over the last month, I’d been contemplating moving away from Ghost as a blogging platform and back to WordPress. Back in June I moved away from WordPress. My original complaints were related to complexity, bloat, and performance. I felt WordPress was becoming too slow and complicated for a simple blog like this one. I watched as Ghost became a more mature and baked tool so I dove in. Wiring up a design for it was a trivial matter, something I greatly appreciate still. The simplicity in design wasn’t enough to keep me, however, along with a few other reasons.


December 28, 2017

Goals for 2018

It’s easy to look back on the last year and realize all the things that never got done… all the habits that were never broken… all the weight that was never lost… the miles never ran… books never read… but what I find truly hard is looking at what the next year should hold and how to keep myself accountable for it all.

Around this time every year I start lofting these wonderful things I want to do high up into the rafters of my brain and telling myself I’ll pull them down when the time is right and it’ll be spectacular. The reality is more along the lines of forgetting half of them and not doing any of them. One of the ways I hope to combat this is paring the list down to known accomplishable goals—things that I’ve probably done in the past that are reusable for this next year.

My list is split up into three categories: writing, personal enrichment, and health. I felt these were the most pertinent for their own reasons and can have the highest overall impact on my wellbeing and course of life in 2018.


My 2017 Year in Review

While working on my goals for 2018, I realized I missed out on a lot of things I didn’t do that didn’t come with good reasons. A lot’s changed over the last year and and I’m glad all of it’s happened, but I definitely neglected certain aspects of my life. Some of these neglects made their way into my 2018 goals list (coming in the next post) and some of them landed here for brief discussion.


December 27, 2017

Status: Available

Over the holiday weekend, I contemplated this post from Jason Fried, the CEO and Founder of Basecamp. If you’re curious how Basecamp as a company feels about knowing if staff are “online” or not, the opening stanza says it all:

As a general rule, nobody at Basecamp really knows where anyone else is at any given moment. Are they working? Dunno. Are they taking a break? Dunno. Are they at lunch? Dunno. Are they picking up their kid from school? Dunno. Don’t care.


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