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My name is Johnathan Lyman. I'm an engineer at Papertrail, a huge Apple nerd and semi-regular blogger. I enjoy bubble tea way too much and find Farming Simulator relaxing.

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Going back through old blog posts, especially the ones from 2015. So much has been lost in formatting. Also considering adding a message mentioning they’re likely irrelevant–not everything I wrote in 2015 was evergreen.
When @Verizon said taxes and regs were hindering investment in infrastructure, they wanted you to believe them. Turns out, they lied: “‘Tax-reform…will have a positive impact to cash flow’ … [but] the tax savings ‘will…primarily…strengthen Verizon’s balance sheet.'”
This is the best damn thing I’ll read all year: “Once Steve Bannon was campaign CEO, Donald would lay down tomato slices and ground beef on the floor of Trump Tower, and Bannon would be chiefly responsible for having to roll him into a burrito.”
Just a reminder that this is all LinkedIn is good for, now.

From Ars Technica: a consortium of 28 fake ad agencies…displayed an est. 1 billion ad impressions last year that pushed malicious antivirus software, tech support scams, and other fraudulent schemes…the ads reached 62 percent of the Internet’s ad-monetized…websites.
I spent 3 hours last night farming in Farming Simulator ’17. It’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while and also the most relaxing. I can operate big machines without leaving my couch and I’m totally fine with that.
This is the greatest thing I’ve seen this year.

Free, crappy wifi is not like free, crappy coffee. You can’t say “I can’t do my job but hey, at least it’s getting the job done.”
The BBC is at it again, pulling my heart strings.

Coming Soon: The Mega Ultra Super VPS Benchmark Comparo

Not too long ago I pitted Linode and Digital Ocean against each other after hearing about Digital Ocean’s price slashing that brought it in line with Linode’s monthly bills. This got me thinking: only a crazy person would pit seven VPS providers against each other in multiple size categories and see who’s the best.

Who has two thumbs and is crazy?


Working on a mega VPS benchmark comparison post, this time also including Vultr, MNX,, Dreamhost, and Lightsail in addition to Digital Ocean and Linode. Any others I should consider?

Linode vs Digital Ocean: A Three-Round VPS Benchmark Showdown

A few days ago, Digital Ocean announced new pricing tiers for their VPSes (affectionately called Droplets). I’ve been a fan of Digital Ocean’s offerings for a long time. Compared to other popular VPS provider Linode, there seemed like there was only one choice as Digital Ocean’s pricing ran 2x for almost everything.

Now that they’re the same price, I think it’s about time they faceoff in a set of sysbench benchmark tests.


If you haven’t moved off Google Chrome, yet, you should. Here’s how to get your bookmarks over to Firefox:
I’ve made so many alterations to the underpinnings of my blog over the last few years that a lot of my content has lost its categorization or could be better categorized. This is something I hope to clear up in the next couple weeks.
“We’re broken people, now…”

From Matt O’Brien at the Washington Post: If you look at what bitcoin actually does, though, it’s more like digitized nostalgia for a pre-modern past where money was discovered rather than printed, economics was a simple subject where markets never failed, and you never had to trust anyone you didn’t know. It works, then, the way libertarians think things should—which is to say not at all.
For Micro Monday, I wanted to share a blog I find fascinating and full of nerdy info. Julia Evans of is in my short list for regular reading. If you’re a programmer, this is a must read blog. #micromonday
Syd Wachs at Raptitude is spot on: “By taking a whole year to go deeper instead of wider, you end up with a rich but carefully curated collection of personal interests, rather than…mostly-dormant infatuations…”
I’m not kidding! 300! It’s amazing I’ve made that many words over the last 3 years.

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