Top Posts of 2016

This year is finally come to a close. After pretty much not blogging ever this year, I considered not even doing a top list. Unlike 2015, I didn’t even write anything for at least half of this year, probably more. 2015 wasn’t much better after April, to be honest.

Either way, I thought I’d go through the list of what I did write this year and come up with a Top 5 list.

#5 Fitbit, You Frustrate Me

This one was a semi-rant. I had a Fitbit for a while and was frustrated by how incredibly unreliable it had become. This one did pretty well, I’d say, for someone who doesn’t have much of a following. Fun fact: after I eventually completed the firmware upgrade, everything seemed to return to normal. I continued to own a Fitbit until I lost it during my move from California to Washington in October 2016.

Now I have an Apple Watch.

#4 Fighting ffmpeg

This was around the time I decided to set up a live streaming webcam server/relay device thing. The documentation surrounding ffmpeg’s finer yet lesser known abilities was lacking. I don’t think I’ve ever written 4000 words on any topic, ever. Not once. Clearly, I felt like I had a lot to say.

#3 31 Sites for Completely Free Stock Photos

This was a post that ended up becoming a page. The multi-page nature of it wasn’t working out super well in the blog feed and it felt to me more like a static resource that can be called upon at any time. Out of all the sites on this list, I really only ever use ~Boss Fight~ Unsplash, these days.

#2 Attempting to Stream a Webcam to an RTMP Server

Apparently, the Internet really wanted to know how to do this, because this was my 3rd post popular post I wrote in 2016. I learned a lot about media streaming through this post and the series of posts surrounding it. The biggest thing I learned… there’s a reason the professional software costs a lot of money.

#1 Live Streaming with Hardware Acceleration using a Raspberry Pi and RTMP/HLS

This is where I finally got a legit live stream set up. It used HLS, told Flash to go die in a fire, and it looked great. The problem was the player choice and making it work with MPEG-DASH. I never quite got that figured out. Turns out, the Internet really wanted to know how to do this, too. It was my most popular post of 2016, by 2.5x over #2.

So how bad was 2016? Here’s a heat map:

Let’s make 2017 way better, shall we? ?

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