Magic Room

I’ve always pondered how much more productive I would be if I had a “dream office” to write and work in. Then I’ve thought about what that office would look like. In reality, I’m not exactly sure I could even come up with a solid example, just some abstract ideas. I sat down for a few minutes to ponder this.

What would your perfect writing/reading/working space look and feel like?

In my world, my writing space would have hard wood floors. Something dark, but not cherry or mahogany dark. I’d need a rolling chair, something that would support my back so I can sit upright. On my desk, I’d need a setup that allowed me to look straight ahead at my monitor or monitors and not have to tilt my head downward. I don’t know if I’d have a laptop, still, or switch to an iMac or similar. The desk itself would likely be minimalist in style, with maybe a drawer or small cabinet underneath to keep the clutter to a minimum.

I would need to have something playing music, probably a small speaker set behind me, nothing too loud or big so as to be distracting. A bookshelf would be nice, to hold all the books I don’t have (I’ll need to buy some books). I feel like the room would need a lot of light either from a window, from lighting fixtures, or both. The lighting can’t be harsh, though. When I’m up writing at 4:30 AM, the last thing I need is harsh light to work with.

Outside of that, I’d have to figure it out as I go along. Perhaps I can find some sort of genie in a magic bottle to grant me this writing space.

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