Om Malik’s Takeaways from the Apple Event

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Om Malik has a good list of what should be considered the most important things Apple talked about at their event last Tuesday. Specifically, I enjoyed his subtle jab at Bloomberg:

When it comes to the new iPhones, many including some members of media are participating in a collective shrug. Bloomberg was impressed by the “pricing” and not the technology? When I read that, I went really? I mean that new shiny new A12 Bionic chip with more cores in its neural engine, ability to do way more with its GPU and CPU isn’t enough technology? I mean seriously — this is the most impressive work. Steve Jobs would be so proud! I mean, this is some chip nerd nirvana.

Bloomberg is a financial publication, so money is all they really care about, deep down, even if they claim to be focused on other aspects of technology reporting… like the technology.