Office Online Update Bring Better PDF Stuff and Other Stuff

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From ZDNet:

The update’s file management improvements include the ability to save a copy of a file to OneDrive and select a new location in different folders to store the document. … Microsoft has added a Save As option, where the user can choose from Save As, Rename, Download a Copy, or Download as a PDF.
There’s now a one click option to save files to OneDrive via a new Add to OneDrive button on the toolbar for Excel,
Microsoft has also tidied up the start page to make it faster to begin editing a document.
Bing also gets promoted via the Tell Me function in Help.


I like Office, I really do. it’s hard to find a really good alternative these days. Apple’s offerings were neutered a couple years ago, and the open source alternatives just seem janky.

However, one could print to PDF with Chrome for like years, now.