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New Philips Hue Rigid Light Strips

via Pete Lovejoy on 9to5Mac:

The Philips Play is a short, rigid lightstrip primarily designed for entertainment consoles. It will be available in single units for $69.95 or in a more useful double pack for $129.95. This compares with $89.95 for the existing Lightstrip.

The Hue Signe lamp is a vertical lamp designed to throw light up a wall. It will be available as a shorter table lamp for $169.99, and a taller floor lamp for $269.99.

It sounds like Philips is expanding their Hue lineup even further, which is a terrible thing to hear for people like me that love spending too much money on Hue devices. I have 7 color bulbs, two Blooms, two strips, and two Gos. No plans on stopping, either, and these new items look pretty dang sweet.

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