My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

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When my favorite team (Seattle Seahawks) isn’t playing in the Super Bowl, I’ll still watch for the commercials. I enjoy an ad that tells a story, or makes me feel something. I won’t likely buy anything that ad was selling, but I don’t think it’s always about that. These multi-million dollar spots aren’t about selling stuff, they’re about creating a memory; if executed properly, you’ll remember that commercial for weeks, to come… something they can’t say about tv commercials every other day of the year.

Here’s a rundown of my favorites and why. Be warned: the list is long (I have many favorites) and there is a lot of feels… a lot of feels.

Dodge – Wisdom

This is one of those ads that makes me stand up and clap. See, Dodge makes cars. They make cars that go fast. They also make cars that are stupid fast. They’re going through their 100 year anniversary. What better way to show off their fleet of @kickers than to find 100 year old @ kickers to put you in your place! Grandpa doesn’t want you to be a little b—h. Rock on, grandpa. Rock on.

Bud Light – Real Life PacMan

Anheuser-Busch steps up their game yet again with another bro who’s literally, #UpForWhatever. I’m sure some of this was scripted, but who cares. That looks like a party I’d want to go to. I might… just might… drink one Bud Light.

Skittles – Settle It

Part of me thinks those beefed up right arms aren’t for arm wrestling. Kinda weird.

NFL – Together, We Make Football

Yeah we do. This basically sums up those tense, last-minute moments. Not super intense but pretty truthful, overall.

Doritos – When Pigs Fly

You know Doritos would step it up again this year. They can’t not. They’ll stop making cool ads when pigs fly. Oh wait… crap.

Budweiser – Lost Dog

Leave it to Anheuser-Busch take the crown for the feels award. They know lost puppies pull heart strings. They know how to pull them good, too. No, I’m not crying… I just got some Doritos in my eye.

Coca-Cola – #MakeItHappy

Coca-Cola gets a feels award, too, for this ad. In a world where we’re hating on each other day in and day out because hiding behind a computer screen on the Internet and trashing someone’s life makes you powerful. Pro tip: you look like an idiot. Good job, Coca-Cola for trying to remind people that hate doesn’t belong on the Internet, or really anywhere for that matter.

Dove – #RealStrength | Men+Care

You’re not tired of the feels, yet, are you? Good. Dove knows that staying fresh and clean is important to raising children and being a good role model for them. I don’t have kids, but I can imagine it’d be hard to do so with a lingering stink.

Always – #LikeAGirl

The feels train is barreling into the station. Always makes a great point that girls in our society are at their lowest regrind their self-esteem. It’s no wonder so many turn out like they do.

Jeep – Beautiful Lands | Jeep Renegade

This is one of my favorite, for sure. It’s likely in my top three, now that I think about it. It’s long at 1:31, but it’s real. As someone who loves exploring and photographing nature and the world around me, I gravitate towards stuff like this. This is one of the few commercials in this list that makes me want to buy something like what they’re selling.

Clash of Clans – Revenge

I about died watching this. Liam Neeson is amazing and executes his Taken character so well. Loads of Internet points for this one.

Carnival Corporation – Come Back to the Sea

I’ve never been on a Carnival cruise, but I really appreciate this spot. The lack of sound effects and listening to the speech along with powerful and sweeping images of cool places and things Carnival supposedly lets you do makes me appreciate it as a presentation more than an advertisement.


Are you hangry and inexplicably upset about your pants? Get EAT24. The best motherf*cking way to order food online, baby. This wasn’t an ad that was aired in my market, but I wish it was. I love Gilbert Godfried.

Kia – The Perfect Getaway

Explosions. Drama. Pierce Brosnan. I need not say more.

Loctite – Positive Feelings

I literally can’t even. Just watch it.

Toyota – My Bold Dad

Our break from the feels is over. Dad definitely was a theme across several of these commercials this year. There’s nothing wrong with that, at all. Here’s a few more feels.

No More

I’ll admit, I’ve been making jokes about the feels, but this one is no laughing matter. Yes, it’s heart-wrenching for some, but it damn well should be. Domestic violence is a real thing. Don’t pretend it’s not. Seriously.

Nissan – With Dad

The last of the dad-themed spots in my list. Nissan knows how to advertise their fleet and give a few feels at the same time. It had everyone in my party watching, even though we weren’t entirely sure what it was about at first…. but those feels…


This last one had my butt puckering for a bit. With a decent sized gathering at my house to watch the game, the last thing I wanted was for Comcast to start trolling and cut my service. This commercial made me think my worst nightmare came true. Good job, Chevrolet, I’ll give you points for that… just don’t do it again.