My 2017 Year in Review

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While working on my goals for 2018, I realized I missed out on a lot of things I didn’t do that didn’t come with good reasons. A lot’s changed over the last year and and I’m glad all of it’s happened, but I definitely neglected certain aspects of my life. Some of these neglects made their way into my 2018 goals list (coming in the next post) and some of them landed here for brief discussion.

One of the biggest things I wish I did more of this last year was write. I’ve had a lot of topical discussions in my own head, but never wrote them down. I’ve poked at a lot of things and learned a lot of cool tricks with regards to technology and making it work for me but I never shared any of it with the world. I look back on 2016, for example, and all the posts I wrote about setting up a cat-themed live stream with my own cats as the subjects1234. There’s at least 10,000 words in those posts and they’ve been more helpful to folks than I imagined. The oldest one (July 3, 2016) is still being referenced on the web and gets pretty good traffic for as obscure of a topic as it is.

And that’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. I found myself figuring out a solution to a problem and sharing it. The reality of it, though, is now I’m working on fewer problems that don’t already have answers on the Internet.

Even still, I think there’s a lot more I can share with the world. For example, I’d love to share all the things I learned in developing for the Ghost blogging platform and the quirks that every new developer needs to keep in mind. I even have a toolset in place, now, to make edits super easy… that’s totally worth sharing!

When it comes to my health, I didn’t do a great job of it. Toward the end of 2016, I had lost roughly 10 pounds, but gained it back after a few months. I’m what people would call skinny-fat. I’ve been flying—more like bouncing sloppily—along at roughly 200 lbs. for the last couple years and I’m pretty sure I can do better. I lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle in 2017. There were some days where I was way more active than average, and it was fine. I wish there had been more of those days.

I think I only read one book last year5. How crazy is that?

Beyond all that, though, a lot of good has happened. Some of it is purely personal but most of all, as 2017 draws to a close, I’m happy. I don’t regret any of the decisions I made this year nor would I want things a different way. It’s been a long time since I could look back on a previous year and note that it was drama-free, low-stress, and all around a great time. I’d even go so far as to say it’s the first year in the years I remember where I’ve been able to say that.

Even if I don’t accomplish anything new in 2018, I’ll still be glad to just have more of what made 2017 awesome6.

  1. Live Streaming with Hardware Acceleration using a Raspberry Pi and RTMP/HLS
  2. Add RTMP Support to Nginx Installed From Apt
  3. Attempting to Stream a Webcam to an RTMP Server
  4. Fighting ffmpeg
  5. The one book I read, cover to cover, was called Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, the guy who wrote the Wayward Pines series. It’s on Amazon.
  6. Though I’d quite strongly prefer to have a net gain of some kind.