Morning Musicals

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A few people have asked what music I listen to in the morning while I’m mentally prepping for my day (by writing).

Before I answer, I want to disclose that my tastes change from time to time, so the genres of music listed below might not be similar in any way. What you see is just want I’m listening to right now, courtesy of Spotify.


I only have one classical playlist I listen to, and it works well for me.


I dabble with acoustic music, too, just as I do classical. Instrumental music, I feel, is the best uber-genre of music when trying to concentrate or focus because then words someone is saying or singing don’t distract. I’m easily distracted. It’s not a super long playlist so I don’t listen to it all the time. The last thing I need is monotony.


A few electronic playlists make the cut for my morning rituals. I have to be careful that there aren’t too many songs that have distinct beats that can be jarring.