MacStories’ iOS 12 Review

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iOS 12 released to the public, today. If you’re like me, you downloaded and upgraded, already. If not, MacStories’ iOS 12 review will set you straight.

iOS 12, available today for the same range of devices that supported iOS 11, feels like a reaction to changes that have occurred around Apple and consumer technology over the past year.
While iOS 11 may go down in Apple software history as the touchstone of the iPad’s maturity, it will also be remembered as one of the company’s most taxing releases for its users. You don’t have to look far into the iOS 11 cycle for headlines lamenting its poor stability on older hardware, plethora of design inconsistencies (which were noted time and time again), and general sense of sluggishness – issues that may have contributed to a slower adoption rate than 2016’s iOS 10.

Written by none other than iOS aficionado Federico Viticci, It comes in eBook format if you’re a MacStories club member and an audiobook option (narrated by Mike Hurley from the podcast network) for $9.99. You’ll find a plethora of large, beautiful animations and screenshots taking you through every nook and cranny of iOS 12.

Spend an afternoon reading (or listening). You’ll be glad you did.