Zuckerberg admits Facebook’s ban of Alex Jones was prompted by Apple’s decisions

From The New Yorker by way of 9to5Mac in the context of removing Alex Jones from the Facebook platform altogether:

“The initial questions were around misinformation.” He added, “We don’t take it down and ban people unless it’s directly inciting violence.” He told me that, after Jones was reduced, more complaints about him flooded in, alerting Facebook to older posts, and that the company was debating what to do when Apple announced its ban.

Zuckerberg said, “When they moved, it was, like, O.K., we shouldn’t just be sitting on this content and these enforcement decisions. We should move on what we know violates the policy. We need to make a decision now.”

All I can do is sigh. Way to act independently and on your own. The fact that Facebook knew the content was in violation but opted to not make a big deal of it until someone else (Apple) made a big deal of it is quite unsurprising.

I recommend taking a look at the rest of The New Yorker profile on Zuck. 9to5Mac says he as “quirks.” In reality, he’s just a terrible person.

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