Leaked Images of 6.1″ iPhone Sim Trays Infer Dual-Sim Support

From Ben Geskin on Twitter:

If these are legitimate (9to5Mac seems to think they are), this is good news. It makes me wonder if the flagship and flagship+ will also have dual-sim capability.

On top of that, the images imply five colors: red, blue, black, silver, and brown. I’d imagine the silver tray is meant for a white phone.Β 

Famed analyst/Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will over six version of the 6.1″ iPhone, as well. His list states gold, grey, white, blue, red, and orange as being the colors of the fleet. Looking at the trays, I can see that. The “orange” might be more of a brown/copper, though. Tangentially, Macotakara reported white, black, yellow, bright orange, blue, and taupe are on the list. While described a bit differently, these seem to mostly line up.

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