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In a Major Course Correction, The PlayStation 4 Will Finally See Cross-Platform Play

Ben Kuchera at Polygon:

Sony has finally stopped fighting the future: A beta for cross-platform play, including support for Fortnite, launches today.

This is a major reversal of its longstanding policy of keeping PlayStation fans segregated from the rest of the industry, after arguing that cross-platform play might even be unsafe. Others in the industry had argued that the policy was due to monetary concerns. Many publishers, including Bethesda, had been pressuring Sony to make this change, and developers such as Psyonix have already spoken openly about how easy the change would be to implement from their end.

For a long time, Sony was entirely willing to die on this hill. It sounds like the right people put on the right level of pressure. I welcome this, absolutely. I would love to see more PS4-XBOX cross-play functionality, especially in games like Destiny 2 (where I spend most of my console time, these days).

I also don’t believe they did held out for any other reason but to try to convince people to “play with their friends on PlayStation only.”

Better late than never.

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