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Housekeeping and Renovation

It goes without saying that my writing over the years has trailed off significantly. I used to post daily, then weekly, then monthly, then never. I want to change that.

Housekeeping and Renovation

Taking stock of all my properties and things I operate, I realized I spend more time maintaining them than I do actually using them.

For that, I've decided to move away from Wordpress and back to Ghost–for the third time, now?–and purposefully build within the limited boundaries it creates.

My goal is to get back into regular content creation, and hopfully build a following based on that. I don't know what it'll end up looking like, but it's a start.

For now, there are a lot of loose ends to tie off. The design I'm using need some assistance, so I have to spend time chewing on that to get it the way I like. Then comes the member portal setup, etc., followed by what I actually want to put in that area. It's easy to write a bunch of free content, less so if you want money for it.

As for everything I've already posted? It'll stay here. Most of my link posts didn't entirely transfer, in that they don't link to the original sites, anymore. I may go back and fix that, I may not. I might delete them, entirely, given their inability to be evergreen, if they didn't also have follow-up content written with them.

We'll see.

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