Google’s 2017 Year in Search

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Google’s 2017 Year in Search is out and the trends were somewhat predictable.

The top five searches included Hurrican Irma, the iPhones 8 and X, Matt Lauer, and Meghan Markle. When it came to people, specifically, a few names didn’t surprise. Matt Lauer, Meghan Markle and Harvey Weinstein all appeared on the list, two of those three being tied to allegations of sexual misconduct in some form or another. The one person I didn’t expect to see (and frankly didn’t know anything about) was Nadia Toffa. Turns out, she reported on a nuclear experiement in Italy and was criticized wildly online:

Toffa is an Italian television presenter on the Italian satirical current affairs program Le Iene. In November, Toffa falsely reported a dangerous nuclear experiment was due to take place under Italy’s Gran Sasso mountain. Toffa’s report was roundly dismissed and deemed meritless and the presenter received widespread condemnation in her native country.

And it continues on to say…

Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) debunked Toffa’s claims, Il Post said. An experiment that was completely safe was due to take place, the INFN said, but was recently contested by Italy’s Five Star Movement political party, which appealed the regional council in Abruzzo, where the mountain is located, to “immediately and indefinitely block the experiment.”
Toffa’s Facebook page has nearly 1.5 million followers. Her last update was on November 20. She wrote: “We get upset about lies, we break friendships, relationships, just because, in our pride, we don’t realize that a lie is a form of weakness, it’s a way to hide oneself, not being brave enough to reveal oneself. Next time I’m lied to, I won’t get mad, perhaps I will instead be compassionate, trying to understand. Who knows.” she wrote.

Beyond that, a lot more obvious suspects made the list, including the Las Vegas shooting, Bitcoin, North Korea (yes, that’s their actual public-facing Web site), more individuals in the swirling sexual assault allegation cespool, and the Solar Eclipse.

Unfortunately some trends just need to die, including the Cash Me Outside meme. There’s even a freaking song. ??‍♂️

You can check out the entire report on Google Trends.