Galaxy S10 Will “Defeat” Shiny New iPhones

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At least that’s what Ewan Spence, Forbes’ poster child for anti-Apple reporting would have you believe:

With modern production and design schedules, the geekerati already know what Apple is preparing for the iPhone XS launch. We also know what Samsung is cooking up for the Galaxy S10’s launch in early 2019. It’s clear that the Galaxy S10 has the specifications to beat the iPhone.

Nevermind the fact that neither the Galaxy S10 nor iPhone-next have been formally announced so those “specifications” are guesses at best.

Forbes’ technology reporting is lacking. I used to think Forbes knew what it was doing, but this piece is pure garbage and can be summed up in a couple bullets:

  • The entire world longs for the ability to insert $350 micro SD cards into their phones.
  • Samsung is more “reliable”
  • The camera will be better (until it won’t)

Also, the post slug gives a lot away… a lot that was never discussed. It’s almost as if he started writing one thing and decided against it, in favor of more generic Apple bashing.

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